About Paul Bessems

Paul Bessems is a pioneer, strategic blockchain consultant and (co) author of nine management books. He has over 25 year’s experience in designing and developing new organizational models that align with new organization technologies. He is an expert in the paul bessems11field of blockchain organizing. He helps organizations to answer the question: ‘What does blockchain organizing mean and how should we start with it?’ Paul is founder and CEO of Weconet Blockchain Technologies, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, one of the smartest regions in the world. For more information go to the Weconet website

Besides his work as a consultant, he is also founder, chairman and fellow of the Weconomics Foundation and The Institute for New Organizational Thinking. Form more information go to the Weconomics website

Paul studied industrial engineering and management science at the Technical University in Eindhoven. In 1992 he introduced the Harvard Case Method in the Netherlands and developed several master programs for universities. In 1992 he also started Buro Staff Support, his first professional community. In 2009 he founded the Weconomics Foundation and in 2013 The Institute for New Organizational Thinking and in 2016 Weconet Blockchain Technologies. He also works as an independent management consultant for (international), often knowledge-intensive, companies, institutions and governments. For more information go to the Paul Bessems website.

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