Blockchain organizing: towards a new paradigm

Imagine there is way of organizing your work so powerful, that it will make the default ways of organizing obsolete. A way that is so disruptive that not only traditional roles like sales, purchase, legal, finance, HR and management will change or even disappear, but also has the potential to make ‘the firm’, as the main organization form, obsolete. This new form exists and is called: blockchain organizing. It is already mentioned by thoughtleaders that blockchain organizing now, has the same potential as the Internet in the nineties. All that blockchain organizing needs are the smallest building stones: a human and a tool, demand and supply and a meaningful, reliable and secured connection between them. That’s all! It’s a perfect way for working together in a smarter way, not only within organizations but especially between organizations. The beauty of this disruptive organization form lies in its simplicity and its balance between fundamental organization drivers like scalability and flexibility, motivation and coordination, supply and demand.

Maybe blockchain organizing seems to be far away from your role, profession or organization. But it is inevitable that many of the existing jobs and organizations will soon become obsolete. The question is: how do you prepare for this? How can you continue to add value? How does the future of work look like for you? Maybe this paper will help you to find answers. Blockchain organizing is not technical or difficult. It mainly requires a different perspective, a different way of ‘looking’, thinking and organizing. If you become part of this new disruptive development, you can play a key role in the organization of work in the future. Investing in blockchain organizing now means: taking a lead and secure your position in the future of work.

This white paper is not so much about technology, but more about the question: what is the future of work? What is work and how will it be organized? This paper will address mainly the role that the smallest building stones, and their connection, play in the way we organize our work in a digital age and our needs for organizing a more sustainable prosperity. In this paper I will answer questions as: What is blockchain organizing and why it is increasingly important for the organization of your work? What are the fundamentals of blockchain organizing and how do blockchain organizations look like? What is the relationship between specialization, coordinating and finalization with blockchain organizing? How can you apply blockchain organizing in your own organization and finally, what kinds of resistance can you expect in relation to blockchain organizing?

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